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Aug 25

kevinsmart said: You're one cool customer. Keep doing what you're doing, love it.

Aug 21


Aug 19

Anonymous said: So let's be real. The podcast is never coming back, right?

I’m really sorry for the delay. It will be worth the wait.

Aug 13


Aug 09

Anonymous said: HI Jake, hope this email finds you well. I don't have a question as such, just wanted to thank you for your general life affirming silliness and quick wittedness. I've been in hospital for the last few days having kidney stones removed and your podcast has been an enormous comfort. You're a good egg. Hope you have a terrific day. All the best, Henry from Ireland.


What a nice note! I have no way of writing you back other than this public forum. I’m glad the podcasts have been keeping you entertained in the hospital and I hope you feel better soon!!


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