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Sep 30

Anonymous said: jay. it has ben vary long time. u hav not made parity vid "Get Be Lucky" about daff punk byeing new dr. who singl. u better do now befor you get in TROUBle. thank. ps. this is your boses atom macky & well fareel

iss thas rlly atom and wall????? i mad tha vido i putt ontu ur dask!!!

Anonymous said: helo jak. adem macky and wiel fareel agan. it has ben sverl ours since we gave u asingment. we do not yet see a daft punks parody virile vido of "Get Be Lucky" about daft punks buying latest dr. who singel. if u do not compy we hav no choice but to fir you. u have 24 ours. love, you're boses

ok but i neead a compuatr can u giv me one plz!!! also fallow me on Twittar thank u!!! 


Anonymous said: hello this is adam mac kay and wil farel of funny ord ie. (your boses) u must make the folowing vidoe idea or u will be fried: daft punk parody song about getting the new the who single. called "Get Be Lucky" 1000000+ videws MINUM thank u!

haha ok i’ll maek it will u fallow me on twitter plz i am a bag fann!!!

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Sep 26

Anonymous said: Is it true you yelled "baba booey" during the space shuttle challenger disaster?


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